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we ♥ weddings

we ♥ weddings


we creating ridiculously beautiful, deliriously happy weddings... in fact, we may be a little too obsessed.

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services: design & plan (a match made in heaven)


we design happiness

do you have a whirling jumble of pintrest deliciousness floating in your head? need some help pulling it all into a cohesive, polished dream day? well, consider us your dream team.

together we make sure that your wedding visually captures your uniqueness, personality and passion. the long and the short of it is... you'll be really happy you have us on your team! to view our helpful options, please click here


we plan happiness

guest lists, contracts, etiquette, time lines, master itineraries, budgets, and venues got you head in a whirl?

wish you had an expert in your pocket to make sure you're completely covered and to pull all of the pieces together?

well, voila! don't wish any longer, just click here

event styling & design focuses heavily on the overall presentaion of an event and how it appeals to the five senses. we use our attention to detail and love for textures and unique-yet-personal design elements to guide you to an event you can both own and love.

every girl needs her own little happy place to which she can escape to take a break from the rigors of planning. happy-GEM is our own virtual get-away that we share with you, wherein we chronicle everything from introductory considerations for the bride-to-be, to examining some of our high-profile design undertakings and what has allowed us to be successful. we'll also occassionally drop some trade secrets in the form of how-tos and tutorials, with insight into how we've produced some of our personalized solutions. so tune in frequently!

coming soon happy-GEM blog.

to contact us about designing your event, or for more information on our services, please send us a message to

lyn henderson - 240-619-0386

randi frazier - 240-389-2366